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Professional Tester is vital reading for the people actually testing critical systems right now. Its readers have deep influence because they are the key quality experts on which all software organizations depend. Only Professional Tester can generate the quality leads and pervading brand awareness you need for success in the testing market.

Professional Tester is popular:

  • It is the most recognized and valued brand in the industry
  • Real testers want to read it because its content is relevant to their work
  • It is completely independent, so it can discuss issues freely: testers value that
  • Both printed and web editions are about to be relaunched Europe-wide, gaining even more readers

    Professional Tester offers advertisers value for money:

  • Even years after publication of an issue, testers still read, re-read, share, keep and download it
  • The electronic publications introduce new exciting advertising opportunities, such as clickable advertisements linking to the advertiserís site, pop-ups, dynamic ads, etc
  • All the big names in the industry feature regularly
  • It is distributed free at relevant events throughout Europe
  • As well as advertising, it accepts articles and other contributions from commercial entities: a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise and capability direct to the people that matter

    Donít miss this opportunity - talk to us now

    Professional Tester Magazine is distributed to a strictly-controlled subscriber base of over 9,000 active software quality professionals. The physical magazine is available at selected testing events and workplaces. In the first year after the relaunch in January 2010, the new offering already generated a dramatic increase in Professional Tester's subscriber base. As new products and services will be introduced, this growth is expected to accelerate even further.

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    For any further advertising inquiries, please email to sales@professionaltester.com.

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