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Agile or faster waterfall?

16 March 2016 10:16
By Vanessa Howard

New research paints a mixed picture

Sauce Labs survey carried out by Dimensional Research survey on agile testing trends in online environments. Some 520 global software organizations responded and whilst 88% stated that they have adopted agile methodologies it is clear that blind spots remain.

Following agile principles, defects should be addressed as they are identified yet only 23% of those questioned have achieved this important level of maturity.

Plus 41% reported that testing is still carried out either completely or primarily with manual methods. Code should be tested as soon as it is written; with teams working collaboratively or in parallel, yet 59% of agile teams reported that it is still the norm for individual features to be completed before being passed to the QA team.

Many positive trends emerge in the findings yet it is fair to say that there is still work to do if testing is to support the pace of development and delivery companies now demand.

Check out the research in full in March’s issue, out now.

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