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Win 4 EuroSTAR tickets with our FREE movie script

14 August 2014 23:59
By PT staff

Entries for EuroSTAR's 2014 TeamStar competition close tomorrow. You have to make a short movie showing a way to persuade a manager to let you go. We're not allowed to enter ourselves, but we offer readers our script. If you use your phone to video yourself and a colleague acting it out and email the movie to communications@eurostarconferences.com you might win 4 tickets! See http://eurostarconferences.com/content/teamstar-competition-2014 for full details.


Tester: Hi Boss. Please can we go to EuroSTAR?

TM: What, the Channel Tunnel? Why?

No, itís a testing event. The biggest one in Europe.

Groan, what day is it and how many hours will you be out?

Er, itís four days, including the pre-conference tutorials on the Monday and Tuesday morning.

Four days? Are you mad? You know what things are like around here.

There are eleven tutorials to choose from, given by some of the most famous names in the industry. It will make us better at our job, and weíll share the information with everyone when we get back, and write a long report to demonstrate the ROI, with lots of those pretty graphs you like, and weíll pull all-nighters for a whole week to make up the time. Pretty pleeease?

Hmmph. I might be able to let you go as long as you take your laptops and tablets, and keep your phones on so I can call you back immediately if I need you. Itís not too far away is it?

Itís in Dublin.

Aha! Now I get it! What are the venues? The Bleeding Horse? Mulliganís? The Guinness Brewery? The Old Jameson Distillery?

No Boss, there won't be any of that. Itís all very professional, in the Convention Centre. Thatís out near the docks. There are no pubs around there, honest.

It's a week-long Pogues gig for testers.

Well there are one or two, ahem, social events, including dinner at Trinity College, one of the world's greatest universities. Swift studied there you know.

Whyís he called that? Can he debug test scripts really fast?

No, heís a writer.

Well get him in here to sort out this specification then.

Not that kind of writer. Have you heard of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula? He was at Trinity too.

It will be a horror story for me if the release is late. The PM will have my blood.

And of course Wilde.

Wild? She'll be furious. Anyway, what happens the other three days?

Dozens of brand new presentations, in four tracks, on the latest thinking on testing, plus exciting networking events at the Community Hub, hands-on Test Lab and the huge Expo with all the top companies in testing including HP, Neotys, Ranorex, Grid-Tools, Tricentis, 360Logica, Applause, SQS…

Yes, well, it sounds very good but while weíve been talking Iíve been looking at the calendar, schedule, plans, rota, budget and latest memos from senior management and Iím sorry to say…

But Boss, even some contributors to Professional Tester are speaking! Dot Graham, Paul Gerrard, Isabel Evans, Stephen Janaway, Peter Morgan, Graham Thomas and Derk-Jan de Grood.

What! Right, Iíll have to go myself. You all stay here and hold the fort. If anyone asks say Iím at a client site.


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