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TestEXPO - testing times ahead

12 November 2015 10:03
By Vanessa Howard

This year’s conference was titled ‘We have a testing dream’. An interesting theme and a very successful day but what emerged was the alarming nature of the reality organizations are facing.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Development Director for EMEA Toby Marsden highlighted research into the challenges established companies face as digital economy continues to disrupt the status quo. IT no longer supports business, IT is the business as software increasingly drives brand differentiation.

In the last 24 hours I’ve had two conversations about apps. First I was told about an app from The Natural History Museum which identifies trees and later a sight-impaired friend told me how an app lets her know what colour jumper she has pulled from the drawer. There is an age gap of 70 years between the two users and so it seems we’re all digital natives now.

This presents enormous challenges to organizations, the majority of which need to engage with consumers across multiple channels if they are to protect market share. Looking at the obstacles Toby Marsden covered, the biggest is perceived to be how to take a consistent approach to testing across these channels. The second is integrating digital into legacy systems.

Marsden said: “Many European organizations run separate teams and leverage different tools to support digital and legacy testing, which makes bridging the gap a real issue, and one that needs solutions not just in terms of technology platforms, but also in culture and leadership.”

It will take leadership to dismantle barriers between teams and ensure that testers are included at the outset of initiatives. As Paul Gerrard told us in the current issue of the magazine: “Testers add value by simply asking: “Do we really understand this?” and by challenging people's understanding at the beginning, add more value than by just running tests at the end.”

‘The end’ is software users’ value and only the organizations that grasp change now and deliver against new business realities can afford to dream.

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