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Past Press Releases - Vector Software

April 19, 2017
Space Systems Finland selects VectorCAST for ECSS-E-40 Software
Finland’s largest developer of software solutions for the aerospace, defense, medical devices, and industrial controls industries chooses the VectorCAST test automation platform for software certification and validation More

April 5, 2017
Vector Software Annual Software Testing Technology Report
Research Highlights Software Development Market Trends Regarding Time to Market Pressures, Software Quality, Legacy Code Development, Security Testing and Other Critical Areas of Concern More

March 16, 2017
Vector Software Adds Configuration-Based Test Cases to its VectorCAST Test Automation Platform
Vector Software’s VectorCAST makes testing multiple software configurations easier and more efficient with configuration-based test cases More

March 16, 2017
VectorCAST/Analytics Offers Development Teams Real-Time Access to Actionable Code Quality Metrics
Vector Software’s VectorCAST/Analytics contains new capabilities that enable users to quickly launch and customize dashboards to assess, manage and improve code quality More

March 15, 2017
Vector Software Introduces VectorCAST/Probe
VectorCAST/Probe contains user-defined blocks of code, or probe points, which can be added before or after executable statements to solve common test problems More

February 7, 2017
ICU tech GmbH Selects VectorCAST to Shorten IEC 62304 Compliance
Leading developer of electronic design services selects Vector Software’s VectorCAST automated test platform for medical software certification and validation More

October 11, 2016
Syncore Technologies Selects VectorCAST to Support
Embedded systems developer relies on VectorCAST for safety-critical embedded software testing on defense and security company Saab’s flight systems More

September 13, 2016
Ampyx Power Selects VectorCAST to Help Develop Next-Generation Energy Technology
VectorCAST Test Automation Platform used to automate the software testing processes defined by DO-178C Level A More

July 14, 2016
TTTech Selects VectorCAST as Software Tools Source Within the Development of Autonomous Driving Sys'
VectorCAST test automation platform is used to ensure ISO 26262 compliance up to level ASIL D in a highly integrated central ECU More

May 9, 2016
ActiGraph Selects VectorCAST Automated Test Platform
World leader in objective physical activity monitoring solutions utilizes Vector Software solutions to shorten development times, reduce costs, and ensure compliance More

April 12, 2016
Vector Software Launches Most Comprehensive Ada Software Quality Solution for Marketplace
Latest release of VectorCAST/Ada makes developing complex and embedded Ada development easier while providing extended support for Ada 2012 More

February 25, 2016
Vector Software Global Services
Vector Software Global Services adds Health Check and Baseline Testing to Service Offerings More

February 24, 2016
Vector Software Announces VectorCAST/Analytics™
Vector Software’s VectorCAST/Analytics provides development teams with actionable intelligence on software quality and testing completeness More

February 9, 2016
Vector Software Annual Software Testing Technology Report
Research Highlights What the Software Development Market is Thinking About in Regards to Key Trends such as Baselining Legacy Code, Continuous Integration and Change-Based Testing More

January 28, 2016
Vector Software Showcases the Latest Release of VectorCAST at Embedded World
Vector Software will demonstrate the latest release of its award-wining test automation platform for C/C++ and Ada software development at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany February 23-26, 2016 More

December 12, 2015
Vector Software and MathWorks Combine Dynamic Testing and Static Verification
VectorCAST and Polyspace Integration Provides Powerful Tools for Improved Software Quality. More

December 8, 2015
Vector Software Announces Partnership with Solid Sands for Compiler Validation
Integration of VectorCAST with Change-Based Testing and SuperTest Reduces Compiler Validation Time More

October 22, 2015
Vector Software Appoints Guy Millet New Director of Global Services
New role will focus on expanding Vector Software’s global professional services organization More

September 17, 2015
Vector Software Launches Webinar Series To Advance Software Test And Certification
Software engineering professionals who attend will benefit from proven best practices and efficient processes for compliant, high quality software that is an asset to the organization More

September 8, 2015
Vector Software Presents VectorCAST 6.3 at MAKS-2015
Vector Software will showcase its latest release of the VectorCAST Test Automation Platform

September 1, 2015
Vector Software Opens Branch Office in Japan
Yokohama office to deliver sales and technical support services to growing client base More

July 14, 2015
Vector Software Announces Integration with AdaCore’s CodePeer 3.0 Static Analysis Tool
Latest VectorCAST integration provides Ada developers with powerful tools for automated code review and validation More

May 26, 2015
Vector Software Announces Enhanced Integration to Code Composer Studio™ IDE v6 from Texas Instrument
The VectorCAST Test Automation Platform provides functional safety verification and validation capability for TI’s Hercules™ Safety MCUs. More

May 12, 2015
Vector Software Announces Advanced Integration with Lauterbach’s TRACE32® powerful suite of developm
VectorCAST Test Automation Platform integration with Lauterbach TRACE32 provides practically unlimited volumes of test data from RAM constrained embedded systems. More

March 23, 2015
Vector Software Introduces Covered by Analysis Capability in VectorCAST 6.3 Suite
Annotation Feature Combines with Test Execution Coverage to Complete Metric Reporting More

February 25, 2015
Vector Software Announces Integration with Wind River Simics
VectorCAST/Manage and Simics Offers Massively Parallel Testing Capabilities More

February 24, 2015
Vector Software Releases VectorCAST 6.3
Smaller Footprint and Safety-Critical Expertise Delivers an IoT / M2M – Ready Test Environment More

February 2, 2015
Vector Software to Launch VectorCAST 6.3 at Embedded World 2015
Chief Technology Officer John Paliotta to Present “Five Actionable Ideas to get Quality Software to the Market Sooner” at Exhibitor’s Forum More

October 15, 2014
Vector Software Offers Integration with Jama Software
Tightly Linked Tool Chain Improves Software Quality by Connecting Testing to Requirements More

September 30, 2014
Vector Software Announces Integration with Esterel SCADE Suite
VectorCAST and SCADE Collaboration Offers Automated On-Target Testing More

August 28, 2014
Vector Software Announces Support for Wind River Next Generation VxWorks Platform
VectorCAST Test Tool Embeds Software Quality Into “Internet of Things” Applications. More

August 25, 2014
Vector Software Announces “Using VectorCAST to Test like Google” Webinar
Fall 2014 Webinar Schedule Announced - Includes Customer and Industry Offerings More

July 29, 2014
Vector Software Announces Integration with PTC Integrity
Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for testing safety and mission critical embedded applications, announced today that the VectorCAST™ software test environment now offers an integration with the PTC Integrity™ application lifecycle management (ALM) platform. More

July 21, 2014
VectorCAST MISRA Compliance Helps Improve Safety, Enhances Use of C in Critical Systems
Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for testing safety and mission critical embedded applications, announced today that the VectorCAST™ software test solution now supports the MISRA C: 2012 (MISRA C3) standard. More

July 21, 2014
Vector Software Announces Support for MISRA C: 2012
VectorCAST MISRA Compliance Helps Improve Safety, Enhances Use of C in Critical Systems More

June 26, 2014
Vector Software Quantifies the Cost of Fixing Bugs versus Preventing Bugs
Actionable Data Available to Measure Cost of Poor Quality and the Impact of Software Testing More

June 18, 2014
Vector Software Strengthens Partnership with SYSGO AG Integrated VectorCAST and PikeOS 3.4 ...
Vector Software Strengthens Partnership with SYSGO AG
Integrated VectorCAST and PikeOS 3.4 Environment Enables Out-of-the-Box Test Solution. More

May 20, 2014
Vector Software Releases Test Solution for 8-Bit Processors
VectorCAST Automates Testing for Small Processors and Deeply Embedded Software More

April 22, 2014
Airbus Helicopters Selects Vector Software as Software Testing Solution Provider
VectorCAST Continuous Build and Integration Capabilities Enable Robust Ada and C++ Testing More

April 3, 2014
Embedded Software Test Suite - VectorCAST™ - now offers an integration with Berner & Mattner CTE XL Professional Graphical Editor for Classification Trees. More

February 27, 2014
Vector Software Opens an Additional Office in Germany
New Location Needed to Support a Rapidly Expanding Customer Base More

February 26, 2014
Vector Software Announces VectorCAST Integration with Xilinx Software Tools
Embedded Software Test Suite Helps Power Robust FPGA Development More

February 25, 2014
Vector Software Unveils Change-Based Testing Capability
VectorCAST 6.2 Drives Test-Driven Development and Agile Processes to the Next Level More

January 21, 2014
Vector Software Launches VectorCAST Global Services
Deep Domain Expertise Offers Great Value to Embedded Software Development Organizations. More

December 18, 2013
Vector Software Releases VectorCAST 6.2 Embedded Software Testing Suite
Latest version delivers the industry's easiest-to-use test suite in a smaller, faster configuration. More

November 27, 2013
VectorCAST test suite enables engineers to develop high quality applications
Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for testing safety and mission critical embedded applications, announced today that the VectorCAST test suite now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. More

October 28, 2013
Vector Software Adds Support for the Green Hills SH and TriCore Optimizing Compilers
VectorCAST, SH and TriCore integration ensures tested, robust software. More

October 15, 2013
Vector Software Announces New Android-Specific Testing Capabilities
Android Integration Drastically Reduces Unit Testing Times and Improves Code Quality. More

September 30, 2013
Vector Software Integrates VectorCAST with the Freescale MQX Real-Time Operating System
Newest VectorCAST integrated solution targets avionics, consumer electronics and medical device applications. More

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