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Past Press Releases - Quality First Software (QFS)

February 27, 2018
QF-Test Version 4.2.1 Released
Java 10 - Mobile Emulation Mode More

January 12, 2018
QF-Test Version 4.2 Released
QF-Test Medium Upgrade 4.2 is released now. New technologies like PDF Testing are supported from now as well as further AJAX toolkits. More

January 29, 2015
QF-Test 4.0.3 released
This release improves support for web applications based on GWT as well as hybrid Java FX and Swing applications, including those with a shared event dispatch thread. More

September 26, 2014
Integration of QF-Test with SQS-TEST/Professional
As a specialized tool for GUI test automation QF-Test now also can be integrated with SQS-TEST/Professional Suite from SQS and interoperates seamlessly with this system without special requirements for the integration. More

July 31, 2014
Major upgrade: QF-Test 4.0 released
It's done: QF-Test 4.0.0 is now complete and ready for download. More

July 4, 2014
Release Candidate for QF-Test 4.0 released

QF-Test 4.0 is nearly complete and enters the final release phase with this first Release Candidate, which also introduces QPath, a syntax for multi-level sub-items similar to XPath. More

March 26, 2014
Public beta for QF-Test 4.0 with JavaFX and Chrome support
QF-Test version 4.0.0-beta1 adds support for JavaFX and the Chrome browser. More

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