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PRQA upgrades QA•C with enhanced dataflow capability and increased MISRA enforcement
Inter-function Dataflow and Increased MISRA Coding Standard Enforcement

QA•C 8.1 builds on the advanced dataflow analysis engine coupled with an industry-proven Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver that was introduced in QA•C 8.0. This dataflow engine is now further enhanced with pointer aliasing and function call bindings (both parameters and return value) within a translation unit for true and detailed inter-function capability.

By providing the SMT solver with hi-fidelity semantic and flow control information from the
in-house developed parser QA•C can not only detect issues but provide detailed information on the run-time state that the issue would occur in. Certainty levels from ‘Definite’, through ‘Apparent’ and ‘Suspicious’ to ‘Possible’ equip developers with the decision paths and values that enables them to address the defects.

Improved and revised type conversion analysis gives increased MISRA enforcement. Clearer and more intuitive messaging enables quicker identification of issues and coupled with extensive online help facilitates quick and correct defect removal.

QA•C forges ahead as a continuous code inspection tool, detecting code defects early in the development cycle, assisting in their eradication and preventing them becoming bugs.

QA•C 8.1 continues to surpass competitor limitations in advanced semantic language analysis and lead the field in advanced C code analysis. PRQA delivers prevention-oriented coding standards compliance and sophisticated C language bug-detection.

QA•C Version 8.1 is available now. Further details are available at www.programmingresearch.com.

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