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Verifysoft presents next free webinar about Code Coverage
Friday, 21 April, 10 am UK time

Software Testers are often confronted with many questions about Software Test for Embedded Targets: How much to test? When it is enough? When shall the testing be stopped? Shall the test Coverage be 100%? How to test the code coverage on a target with limited size?

The webinar will give you information about diverse Safety Standards and explain about measuring Code Coverage on embedded targets. Specialists from Verifysoft will demonstrate how to face up to the challenges of ensuring Code Coverage and what are the requirements of the safety standards. The participation in the webinar is free and the registration can be done on the website of Verifysoft at: http://www.verifysoft.com/en_ctcpp_webinar.html

Publisher Contact Information:

Verifysoft Technology GmbH
+49 781 127 8118-6

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