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Unified Functional Testing programme set to reduce costs for HP UFT users

Worksoft® has launched the Worksoft UFT Replacement Programme, a new offering enabling customers to quickly and easily convert HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) scripts into end-to-end Worksoft business process tests. Using Worksoft Analyze®, existing libraries of SAP-based UFT (formerly QTP) unit test scripts are automatically captured and converted into end-to-end business process flows and Worksoft Certify® tests with complete business process documentation.

“The Worksoft UFT Replacement Programme helps business users reduce the number of SAP test assets by up to 80 percent and consolidate testing into one truly unified functional testing experience. This saves expenses from software maintenance fees, labour, and test upkeep,” said Neil Batstone, EMEA General Manager, Worksoft. “With minimal time and effort, users can eliminate duplicate tests and reduce costs, all while greatly improving business process test coverage,” he said.

With a consolidated, cohesive testing framework, customers save costs by redeploying programmers outside of testing and reducing the number of SAP test assets required to achieve the same level of coverage. Worksoft ensures newly generated end-to-end business process tests are reliable, resilient and repeatable.

The Worksoft UFT Replacement Programme supports SAP applications and works with Worksoft Analyze and Worksoft Certify automated business process discovery and testing software. The programme is also valuable for system integrators seeking to help large enterprises reduce costs, mitigate risk, eliminate redundant testing platforms, drive efficiency and improve functional testing coverage.

Worksoft helps large enterprises achieve the industry’s highest levels of automation, driving cost savings, staff efficiency, and quality assurance across enterprise systems. Worksoft Analyze empowers the enterprise with the ability to discover, visualise and analyse from a business process perspective. By focusing on business processes, Worksoft Analyze provides both business and IT with a common framework for communication and collaboration. Worksoft functional test automation software helps the world’s biggest brands understand their real-time business processes quickly, and ensure they continue to work when enterprise applications change.

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