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Code Coverage on μ-Controller
Workshop at QA & Test 2017 in Bilbao

Measuring Code Coverage on embedded targets, more specifically targets with missing file systems (like certain microcontrollers), often leads to a real challenge for software developers, especially when it comes down to coverage data extraction.

In the Workshop «Code Coverage on μ-Controller» it is shown on the example of Code Coverage Analyser Testwell CTC++, Arduino Uno and a common laptop, how to extract data in order to convert it to the corresponding reports.

The participants will learn exemplary on an Arduino, how to extract the data via a serial interface. Furthermore, the gathered data will be converted into usable reports. The workshop also covers the interpretation of these reports.

Further Information at: http://www.qatest.org/en/programme/speaker_info.php?id_speaker=281&day=

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Verifysoft Technology GmbH
+49 781 127 8118-6

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