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Edge Testing Solutions Launches On-Demand Web Performance Testing Service: Siteload Kickstart

Edge Testing Solutions announces the launch of its Siteload Kickstart service, which represents a major shift in the way that website owners can adopt web performance testing. By combining cloud-based testing tools with Edge’s performance test expertise, the service puts web performance within the reach of more organisations, including SMEs.

Traditionally, a large proportion of the cost of performance testing is in licences for the necessary tools, this coupled with the need for expert resource to carry out the tests makes conducting robust web performance testing difficult for many organisations.

Dan Martland, Head of the Technical Test Practice at Edge said, “Slow website performance directly affects customer satisfaction, for example, if your retail website loads slowly there’s a good chance you will lose that sale to a competitor. Siteload Kickstart helps ensure that slow-downs and performance problems won’t damage the customer experience even when demand spikes.

“There’s a perception that this kind of testing is only viable for the largest of retailers and organisations, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Siteload Kickstart provides low-cost load testing through a short, sharp and focused engagement. We’ve capped the cost at £10,000 and typically deliver results in just three weeks.

Siteload Kickstart is delivered in four stages:
• Analysis – building a risk profile of the client system and matching the test tools to the requirement
• Design & build – creating the tests and automation artefacts
• Test execution – running the tests at scale against the client’s test environment
• Kickstart analysis – assessment of test results an insights into likely causes of problems and any residual risks identified.

Edge has already proven that its approach to load testing can reap significant benefits for its clients. Following a recent project for a financial services company Edge was able to show that the client’s system would only support 350 concurrent users effectively, far short of its 1,000 user target. Edge’s analysis revealed the complexity that often hides behind performance problems - both external security aspects of the system (firewalls) and internal aspects (database tuning) were causing the site to slow down.

Martland added, “We’ve been able to make Siteload Kickstart a reality by putting together the experts in our Digital Test Hub and new consumption-based licencing models for market-leading tools to create a unique service that balances consultancy effort and licence cost within a defined budget. We can conduct meaningful tests that will mitigate risks for our clients and give them a much better understanding of what is achievable with web performance testing.

Siteload Kickstart is available now, for more information about Siteload Kickstart please visit http://www.edgetesting.co.uk/siteload-kickstart

Edge is a leading expert in providing world-class software testing solutions. The award winning company is typically engaged when organisations are implementing a new system or making significant changes to an existing system, to ensure systems are fast, secure, available and work as expected in an increasingly complex and distributed digital age.

With a strong team of almost 250, Edge is listed on the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 and has quickly built up an excellent reputation with an enviable client list across financial services, retail & distribution, healthcare, utilities, travel, software & apps developers, telecommunications, media, manufacturing and the public sector.

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Edge Testing
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