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Testwell CTC++ is now transparently integrateable into Cygwin Toolchains

Testwell CTC++ now includes a native support for Cygwin-Toolchains. This also means that Cygwin is now as easy to use with Testwell CTC++ as if one would work with native Windows- or MinGW-Toolchains.
Cygwin provides native integration of Windows-based applications, data, and other system resources with applications, software tools, and data of the Unix-like environment. Thus it is possible to launch Windows applications from the Cygwin environment, as well as to use Cygwin tools and applications within the Windows operating context.
Testwell CTC++ is a leading code coverage tool for safety and security critical embedded software development. More information at: http://www.verifysoft.com/en_ctcpp_news.html

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Verifysoft Technology GmbH
+49 781 127 8118-6

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