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Six Key Components of Business-driven Automation

Applied correctly, business-driven automation can increase delivery velocity, improve the productivity of your business experts, and also ensure the quality execution of business processes after each and every change. However, to enable effective business-driven automation, organisations need to consider six key components:

1. Discovery - itís essential that businesses capture and gain a deeper understanding of their actual business processes - and all their variations. Companies rely on this powerful information to drive process improvement, risk mitigation, and quality assurance.

2. Documentation - to drive business-driven automation at scale, organisations will need to generate and maintain up-to-date business process documentation. Companies are seeking ways to eliminate the delays typically associated with manual documentation and ensure the accuracy of documents, whether for training, compliance, auditing, or establishing best practices.†

3. Testing Ė where organisations arenít employing continuous end-to-end testing with scale in mind, theyíre putting themselves at risk for lost revenue, declining stock, and a lag in innovation that todayís economy demands.

4. Compliance Ė itís essential to be able to generate and maintain accurate business process documentation to ensure compliance. This means having to do it at scale, and thatís challenging as itís generally the business users that hold the knowledge around these processes, and their time is expensive and documentation takes away from their core business activities.

5. Risk Ė with the continued shift towards bimodal and hybrid IT model, itís important that the that the technology risk that comes with complexity and change across the enterprise landscape is managed proactively. Businesses can lower their technology risks with end-to-end business process testing.

Robotic Process Automation Ė many organisations eventually discover that offshoring and efficiency projects donít necessarily deliver the labour and time savings originally envisaged. Replacing traditional manual efforts with automation approaches such as robotic process automation (RPA) can help drive accuracy and efficiency, and cut costs. Organisations should consider replacing human effort with digital labor, or robotic process automation (RPA).


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