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Major update to High Integrity C++ Coding Standard (HIC++)

HERSHAM, UK, 03 October 2013 / -- PRQA | Programming Research, a global leader in static analysis, announces the publication of Version 4.0 of the High Integrity C++ Coding Standard (HIC++), which provides coding rules and best practices to help development teams to produce high quality C++ code.

HIC++ was first published exactly ten years ago (3rd October 2003), and pooled the best practice guidelines available at the time, along with language advice from PRQA’s own C++ experts. The longevity and ongoing popularity of HIC++ is evidenced by Chris Rommel, Vice President, M2M Embedded Technology at VDC, who stated, “The growing importance of coding standards has been one of the most significant trends impacting the test tool space over the past several years. And HIC++ is one of the most widely adopted.”

“We are very proud of the fact that the development community has embraced HIC++ and recognize this as a source of coding best practices for C++ applications” stated PRQA’s CTO, Fergus Bolger, “It is humbling to know that this coding standard has been so widely adopted, with more than 24,000 copies having been downloaded over the past decade.”

The new HIC++ Version 4.0 consolidates or retires a number of original rules and adds many more related to C++11 features, demonstrating its ongoing relevance to modern C++ coding best practice. Key enhancements include:
• Overall consolidation of rules to a more manageable size – down from 202 to 155, which are categorised using relevant clauses and sub-clauses from the text of the language standard (ISO C++ 2011) for easy navigation and cross reference,
• 61 new rules added, mostly related to C++11 updates, (lambdas, rvalue references, concurrency enhancements), but also covering other best practices,
• 80 rules have been retired and 44 have been merged down to 16,
• All rules receive improved explanations including compliant and non-compliant code examples.

The new HIC++ coding standard is now available at www.codingstandard.com, in addition to a whitepaper by the authors, summarizing the rationale behind V4.0, the changes from the previous version and how HIC++ fits with other key C++ coding standards.

Established in 1985, PRQA, ISO 9001 and TickIT certified, is recognized throughout the industry as a pioneer in static analysis, championing automated coding standard inspection and defect detection, delivering its expertise through industry-leading software inspection and standards enforcement technology used by over 3,000 companies globally.

PRQA’s industry-leading tools, QA∙C, QA∙C++ and QA∙Verify, offer the closest possible examination of C and C++ code. All contain powerful, proprietary parsing engines combined with deep accurate dataflow which deliver high fidelity language analysis and comprehension. They identify problems caused by language usage that is dangerous, overly complex, non-portable or difficult to maintain. Plus, they provide a mechanism for coding standard enforcement.

PRQA has corporate offices in UK, USA, India, Ireland and Netherlands, complemented by a worldwide distribution network. Find out more at www.programmingresearch.com

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+44 (0) 1932 707 309

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