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Worksoft Expands DevOps Capabilities Continuous Delivery for Packaged Applications
Continuous Delivery for Packaged Applications

LONDON, Sept. 13, 2017 – Worksoft®, a leading global provider of automation software for high-velocity business process discovery and testing, today announced new features in Worksoft Execution Manager that offer customers advanced scheduling capabilities to enable continuous delivery for packaged applications. The new functionalities eliminate the challenges of scheduling unattended tests and enable users to better control, manage and run Worksoft Certify tests at large scale across multiple machines simultaneously.

“Worksoft has addressed the challenges that large enterprises face trying to schedule unattended tests driven from a user interface,” said Neil Batstone, Worksoft’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for EMEA. “Updates to Worksoft Execution Manager allow users to accelerate the frequency of regression tests, monitor and take control of all testing machines, and gain greater visibility of tasks and resources. QA managers and test automation engineers are also now able to improve how they run industrial scale tests across multiple machines at once – enabling continuous testing.”

Key Worksoft Execution Manager functionality includes:

- Built for DevOps. Updates to Worksoft Execution Manager provide automated scheduling with remote execution, enabling Worksoft Certify processes to be tested in parallel to produce shorter testing windows. The remote desktop capabilities allow users to centrally manage remote test resources either on premise or in the cloud.

- New APIs. Worksoft Execution Manager now offers new, open APIs that allow continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms to run Worksoft processes. The open APIs give users full command and control of their business processes from any CI/CD platform including Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity and more

Worksoft Execution Manager also now offers more centralised control for running Worksoft Certify tests remotely via documented REST calls from any continuous delivery platform. Enhanced “lights-out” testing features enable repetitive regression testing of enterprise applications by automating the machine log in and launch of tests, along with the reporting of results back to the CI/CD platform. This industrial scale intelligent scheduling enables users to specify the order of tasks to be performed and define dependencies between test processes passing and failing, enabling continuous testing for complete libraries of Worksoft Certify tests.

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