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Vendor-neutral software ‘lifecycle integration lab’ results in new HP, IBM, Microsoft and Atlassian

Vendor-neutral software ‘lifecycle integration lab’ results in new HP, IBM, Microsoft and Atlassian tie-ups

Date: Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A new remote access lab has been launched by software lifecycle automation company Automation Consultants, at its Reading head office, to showcase the best software lifecycle solution mixes for development teams at small, mid and enterprise-sized companies in the UK.

Automation Consultants' director Jeffrey Cunliffe explains: 'This was a demand led project. Customers approach us with complex system and software integration requirements. Enterprise devops teams want to be able to use a mixture of best in breed software for their lifecycle development and deployment cycles and want solutions from vendors like HP, IBM, Microsoft and Atlassian, to work seamlessly together.

'Our new online lab not only enables us to show companies exactly how the software works together but it also gives us the ability to host the integrated solutions remotely on behalf of our clients.'

Cunliffe continues: 'We've recently demoed an integration between Microsoft's Visual Studio and tools from HP's ALM suite; IBM's Rational Integration Tester, formerly known as Green Hat; and shown how Atlassian's Jira works with HP's Quality Center Enterprise solution.

'The future of devops is integration between leading software lifecycle tools. Blue chip organisations want to be able to use the software that suits their development methodologies and helps them get the job done as efficiently as possible. We've always understood this and it led to us taking the lead in lifecycle automation. This lab is a continuation of the belief and a step towards supporting future devops.'

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