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Vector Software Announces Support for Wind River Next Generation VxWorks Platform
VectorCAST Test Tool Embeds Software Quality Into “Internet of Things” Applications

August 28, 2014

Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for robust embedded software quality, announced today that VectorCAST™ tools now offer a seamless integration with the Wind River® VxWorks® 7 Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). This combination allows software tests to be built and run in the same environment that the final application will be deployed.

The VectorCAST integration supports physical targets, as well as the VxWorks simulator. This enables organizations to build high quality applications faster and more efficiently than with any other test approach. Test execution and results capture the new VxWorks Target Communication Framework (TCF). The VectorCAST solution abstracts the complexity of test execution under VxWorks, allowing for single click test execution and completely automated regression testing, hallmarks of the VectorCAST solution.

“Vector Software has a longstanding commitment to Wind River RTOS solutions”, said John Paliotta, Chief Technology Officer, Vector Software. “Together, we’re able to help companies bring tested, high quality applications to market faster.”

The Wind River VxWorks environment allows customers to reduce development and maintenance costs by leveraging a combination of the VxWorks microkernel (as small as 20 KB) and the standard kernel, both built on the same VxWorks platform, to create one RTOS foundation that can scale across different classes of devices. The latest version of the RTOS is engineered to enable organizations to seize the opportunity offered by the “Internet of Things” (IoT) by providing a modular, configurable, and expandable platform for connected devices. Offering lower system development costs, this scalable RTOS enables easier upgrades and less testing. This versatile platform is used for devices in industries ranging from aerospace and defense, industrial, medical, automotive, and small-footprint consumer devices to large networking equipment.

“The VxWorks 7 and VectorCAST integration enables engineers to work in a seamless development environment, significantly accelerating deployment times while ensuring high quality applications are released,” said Dinyar Dastoor, Vice President of Product Management at Wind River.

About Vector Software

Vector Software is the world's leading provider of software testing solutions for safety and mission critical embedded applications. Companies worldwide in automotive, aerospace, medical devices, industrial controls, rail, and other industries, rely on Vector Software's VectorCAST™. By automating and managing the complex tasks associated with unit, integration, and system level testing, VectorCAST helps organizations accelerate the development and ensure the reliability of their embedded software applications. Founded in 1989 by embedded software engineers, Vector Software is headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island USA; with offices worldwide and a world-class team of support and technology partners.

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