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RT-RK adopts QA•C for automotive software defect detection

The use of QAC has been imposed by TTTech, the technology leader in robust networked safety controls for automotive, aerospace and other safety related markets. TTTech is based in Vienna, Austria, and uses RT-RK as NSDC (Near Shore Development Center), providing a vital link in their development process, which generates the highest quality code for safety-critical systems.

In particular, RT-RKs automotive engineering team needs to comply with MISRA coding guidelines. This team is also extremely keen to generate code which is sustainable and reusable enabling them to provide their customers with shorter delivery times across a growing number of increasingly complex and dynamic projects. The necessity to conduct frequent and effective code reviews makes QAC an unsurpassed solution, and its use is critical in delivering bug-free, well structured code to the subsequent stages in the project. RT-RK also use the output from QAC to generate reports which demonstrate that their code complies to MISRA.

RT-RK is entering the automotive industry with full force. It is evident that PRQA provides the defacto solution in this market, and we have wholeheartedly adopted QAC. The underlying changes to our development process are beneficial on many levels, the main one being more effective compliance with the coding rules, but also in up-skilling our engineers and streamlining our broader work-flow, said Danijel Spasojevic, Head of Automotive Software at RT-RK. The training provided by PRQA has also been very valuable. This included courses on coding standards and best practices, as well practical workshops to enable our teams to take full advantage of all the functionality in QAC.

Paul Blundell, PRQAs CEO stated, We are pleased to have earned another valued customer. PRQAs solutions have been adopted globally across multiple safety-critical industries, but in particular throughout the automotive supply chain. Near-shore outsourcing is a common deployment model, and we are delighted to extend our coverage in Eastern Europe to include the growing automotive center at RT-RK

About RT-RK
RT-RK LLC is a R&D company and national research institute that delivers development services and own products in the arena of real time embedded systems, with strong focus on consumer electronics and automotive. Headquartered in Novi Sad, with offices in Belgrade (Serbia), Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Osijek (Croatia) with over 500 engineers, RT-RK is one of the biggest development houses in Southeast Europe. RT-RK is professionally engaged in embedded system design, TV software development, automotive software development, digital signal processing, UI/UX design, product development including small scale production, testing of Set-Top Box and multimedia devices, and FPGA rapid prototyping. For more information, visit www.rt-rk.com

About PRQA | Programming Research
Established in 1985, PRQA, ISO 9001 and TickIT certified, is recognized throughout the industry as a pioneer in static analysis, championing automated coding standard inspection and defect detection, delivering its expertise through industry-leading software inspection and standards enforcement technology used by over 3,000 companies globally. PRQA has corporate offices in the UK, USA, India and Ireland, complemented by a worldwide distribution network. Find out more at www.programmingresearch.com


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