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MKTM set to achieve EN 50128 certification using QA·C for coding standard compliance

Walton on Thames, UK, 1st October 2015 / — MKTM, a division of Műszer Automatika Group and PRQA | Programming Research, a global leader in static analysis, announces that QA∙C with MISRA C compliance module and the EN 50128 safety manual for the rail industry will be used by MKTM, a leading independent supplier of signal and safety product solutions for the railway industry. Based in Budapest, MKTM provides design and consultancy services mainly to the rail industry, predominantly in Hungary but also internationally.

Until recently software development has not been MKTM’s main focus but given their expertise in engineering for transportation networks they are expanding their portfolio. MKTM’s experience with electricity generation and electrified railway lines, safety facilities, as well as monitoring and innovative telecommunication systems for rail traffic has led them to build an effective software team equipped with the right tools to ensure compliance with EN 50128 up to SIL level 4.

QA·C was thoroughly tested and MKTM found that using a static code analyzer enabled them to work much faster and more accurately. András Lénárd, Senior Software Engineer commented that “manual code reviews can no longer be considered as a viable solution, we need tools to automate this process. We found QA·C to be very accurate, capable of detecting many more real problems and was ultimately able to improve the code quality”. The ‘out of the box’ reports provided by QA·C were also thought to be extremely useful for further analysis.

In the long term, MKTM sees QA·C with MISRA as a real investment for their staff’s education. Software developers will learn where and how common errors occur and as a result, the code quality will increase with less time spent on error detection and fixing. Mr Lénárd continues, “we want to mandate the usage of QA·C to all developers programming in the C language”.

Paul Blundell, CEO of PRQA added “we’re delighted to add MKTM / Műszer Automatika Group to our customer pool and that QA·C with MISRA C and our EN 50128 safety manual will have a real impact for MKTM.”

Further details about QA·C are available at www.programmingresearch.com/products

About Műszer Automatika Group
Műszer Automatika Group is the leading independent supplier of signal and safety product solutions for the railways industry. Our products and services range from signal engineering, assembly and wiring, field installation and commissioning, and servicing.

We are committed to becoming an innovative supplier in the industrial safety industry as well. Műszer Automatika delivers engineering and mechanical design solutions and products that meet our customers’ expectations.

Presently our company employs 160 people, including 58 engineers.
For more information, visit www.muszerautomatika.hu

Established in 1985, PRQA is recognized throughout the industry as a pioneer in static analysis, championing automated coding standard inspection and defect detection, delivering its expertise through industry-leading software inspection and standards enforcement technology.

PRQA’s industry-leading tools, QA∙C, QA∙C++ and QA∙Verify, offer the closest possible examination of C and C++ code. All contain powerful, proprietary parsing engines combined with deep accurate dataflow which deliver high fidelity language analysis and comprehension. They identify problems caused by language usage that is dangerous, overly complex, non-portable or difficult to maintain. Plus, they provide a mechanism for coding standard enforcement.

PRQA has corporate offices in UK, USA, India and Ireland, complemented by a worldwide distribution network. www.programmingresearch.com


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