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September 2014
Sep 17 parasoft joins department of homeland security cyber security ...
Sep 17 automation consultants signs deal with perfecto mobile
Sep 15 soasta’s real user monitoring delivers predictive roi analytic...
Sep 15 hp powers fast, quality application delivery with new cloud-ba...
Sep 15 meet new dac products with support for rad studio xe7
Sep 11 enhancements to test management platform qmetry bring innovati...
Sep 11 csc launches applications testing as a service platform levera...
Sep 10 perfecto mobile announces support of ios 8
Sep 10 telerik now an airwatch appshield partner
Sep 9 compuware renames its apm business dynatrace
Sep 9 seapine software releases surround scm 2014.1 with a new web c...
Sep 8 t-plan robot enterprise supports ios 8
Sep 8 emerasoft and perfecto mobile bring mobile application testing...
Sep 4 new ranorex certification: get yourself certified!
Sep 1 testuff: helping you to process and follow up on fixed defects...

August 2014
Aug 28 ttcn-3 testing of ngsi-9/10 interfaces
Aug 28 definitive guide to synthetic vs real application monitoring r...
Aug 28 vector software announces support for wind river next generati...
Aug 25 vector software announces “using vectorcast to test like googl...
Aug 21 meet new versions of dbforge plugins for visual studio
Aug 21 wipro and ca technologies partner to deliver testing solutions...
Aug 20 neotys partners with tata consultancy services to deliver appl...
Aug 19 vendor-neutral software ‘lifecycle integration lab’ results in...
Aug 18 techexcel adds git support to development tool suite
Aug 14 prqa releases qa·c++ v3.2, boosting c++’11 coverage, simplifyi...
Aug 13 neotys launches neoload free edition
Aug 12 smartbear partners with apiary to deliver api blueprint plug-in
Aug 12 borland updates silk portfolio – focusing on choice, visibilit...
Aug 11 entitydac - new orm for delphi is released
Aug 6 codenomicon launches verification program for critical systems
Aug 6 itc infotech’s testing assessment services receives tmmi accre...
Aug 6 eggman: now available!
Aug 5 login vsi 4.1 now available

July 2014
Jul 31 devart releases updates for mysql and oracle comparison tools
Jul 31 major upgrade: qf-test 4.0 released
Jul 31 alertsite uxm real by smartbear now available
Jul 31 ranorex 5.1.1 and ranorex 5.0.4 released
Jul 29 vector software announces integration with ptc integrity
Jul 24 neotys launches integration with perfecto mobile's mobilecloud...
Jul 24 devart releases dbforge studio for mysql, v6.2 with sphinx se...

Page 7 of 23  -  40 Press Releases per Page.  -  Total: 911 Press Releases.
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