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June 2014
Jun 12 the final version of dbforge sql complete v4.7 with support f...
Jun 11 smartbear launches new application quality and performance man...
Jun 10 serena software delivers major update of dimensions cm
Jun 10 perfecto mobile’s local cloud-in-a-box makes the leap to a sof...
Jun 9 praegus partners with qualitest group to offer software testin...
Jun 3 parasoft and skytap deliver cloud-based development testing
Jun 2 tricentis and cloudmonkey mobile partnership provides next-gen...
Jun 2 testplant announces two new eggplant range products: eggman an...
Jun 2 testplant announces eggplant integration for ibm urbancode

May 2014
May 28 new compuware apm release gives it operations end-to-end visib...
May 27 openfabrics alliance announces release of openfabrics enterpri...
May 27 ranorex 5.0.3 released
May 22 dbmaestro teams with delphix to accelerate data-driven applica...
May 21 zephyr elevates agile testing with productivity enhancements i...
May 20 soasta announces oem agreement with ca technologies
May 20 vector software releases test solution for 8-bit processors
May 15 original software optimizes software testing resource management
May 15 synopsys subsidiary coverity acquires kalistick
May 13 sqs forms a new force in mobile payments
May 8 polarion software enters into mathworks connections program, i...
May 6 tricentis and mobile labs partner to improve the quality of mo...
May 6 qasymphony unveils 3 tiers of software testing tools

April 2014
Apr 29 tricentis expands industry’s most comprehensive enterprise tes...
Apr 29 new dbforge sql complete v4.6 integrates into ssms 2014
Apr 25 all dbforge plugins in visual studio now
Apr 23 entitydac beta – new orm for delphi is released
Apr 22 airbus helicopters selects vector software as software testing...
Apr 18 perform effective code reviews with code review bundle
Apr 16 klaros-testmanagement is now also available in the cloud
Apr 15 open source test tool jubula offers javafx support in new rele...
Apr 14 neotys announces neotys team server 2.0 for collaboration and ...
Apr 10 new telerik sitefinity 7.0 delivers more engaging web experien...
Apr 9 smartbear software tames undocumented rest apis
Apr 8 vip and perfecto mobile join forces to offer end-to-end mobile...
Apr 7 panaya delivers new quality management cloud for sap, oracle a...
Apr 3 grammatech releases codesonar 4
Apr 3 vector software announces integration with berner & mattner ct...
Apr 2 perfecto mobile introduces an integrated mobile app quality pl...
Apr 2 brand-new automatic file merging and new ui in code compare 4.0
Apr 2 dbmaestro brings devops for database to microsoft sql server

Page 9 of 23  -  40 Press Releases per Page.  -  Total: 913 Press Releases.
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